Been Bitten?

The Vegan Bug is coming. You know how it starts. It bites one, maybe two people. Then it spreads. But once you’ve been bit, there is no going back. You start searching veganism online and reading up on vegan health. You become a regular tofuodie. You invite friends over for a vegan pizza party. You start baking cupcakes and taking them into work. The names Isa, Bob and Jenna, and Sarah Kramer become household names. Suddenly the world seems brighter, you feel healthier, and your conscious becomes relieved and rejuvinated. Then you start spreading the bug.You can’t help it. You’re addicted. And you’ve been bitten by the Vegan Bug.

This is the idea behind The Vegan Bug. Perhaps, some of you haven’t been bitten (yet?) but are still interested in what a different lifestyle can offer you. Or, maybe, you have no intention whatsoever of ever being bitten (you may have to load up on the repellent for extra protection from us crazies) but like to keep aware of issues affecting your planet, resources, and health.

Welcome! No matter your food-status, to everyone who is at all interested in animal rights, our environment, sustainability, health, current events, or love of all beings, Welcome!


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