July 4th Festivities – Food!

Though I was raised a meat-eater for the first 13 years of my life, I sometimes forget what a “crucial” part of life meat can be for some people. So, here I attempt to bridge the omni-herbi gap for the sake of celebration.

Tips to make a meal friendly to all:

– Options make everyone happy
Give your guests as many choices as possible. Go for the veggie dogs and the veggie burgers, but also throw a few unexpected twists in the mix. Include main dishes such as stuffed bell peppers with tempeh or tofu cutlets. This way meat eaters will have something recognizable to choose, but veggies who don’t want “junk food” will have some more healthful options as well.

– Never underestimate the power of the side dishes
People on special diets, people with dietary concerns, and picky eaters alike find hope in the sides. Between a traditional green salad, vegan potato or macaroni salad, and a fruit salad everyone will be able to find something meeting their standards.

– Check your booze, etc.
Try to picture a table set for a Fourth of July party without exessive amounts of drinks. For those old enough, be sure to double check that your alcohol is vegan. (Visit http://tastebetter.com/features/booze for a list of vegan booze.) But don’t forget the non-alcoholics as well. There’s nothing fun about water or soda. Mix it up with some special non-alcoholic mixes or punches.

Some recipes to check out:

An entire 4th of July meal down to the letter

Look at this amazing dessert

BBQ Tempeh

Black Bean Salad


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