Farm Bill Remix

The U.S. house of Representatives Committee on Agriculture recently changed the farm bill – for the better. The released the latest version in which Section 123 of Title 1 had been removed. Section 123 read, “no State or locality shall make any law prohibiting the use in commerce of an article that the Secretary of Agriculture has (1) inspected and passed; or (2) determined to be of non-regulated status.” Basically it would strike a number of laws from the books including laws prohibiting horse slaughter to puppy mill restriction.

Additionally, the farm bill was posed to give a $12 million subsidy to the veal industry, but the latest version has removed this earmark.

HSUS has been advocating for these changes since the first release of the farm bill. What would we do without them to read the fine print for us?


One response to “Farm Bill Remix

  1. I wrote to my congressmen about this.

    It’s better but it’s still got major room for improvement. And it still subsidizes all the foods that make Americans fat and sick.

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