Trip to the Farm Sanctuary

What did I do for the 4th of July? I went to the farm sanctuary! The farm is locted just outside of Orland, in northern California. The Independence Day celebration is an annual event at the farm where they give free tours and free food.

My friend and I arrived at about noon and took off on a nearly hour-long tour. The first stop was the “special needs” animals, a pasture with cows, sheep and goats. Some of these animals had arthritis because of their weight. Almost all of them were very friendly, with the exception of a few that would run away if you came too close. We also walked through the pig barn and peered into the chicken barn, duck and goose hatches, turkey barn, and the rabbit barn. It’s such a great experience to see (and touch) an animal that is cared for, loved, and not forced to do anything. After the tour, back at the “People Barn” the staff served up veggie dogs and sausages, chips, popsicles, cookies, lemonade, watermellon, and ice cream bars – all totally vegan. The whole farm is vegan, including all the staff an interns living on it.

The Farm Sanctuary began as a safe haven for animals raised for food. There are two sanctuaries, one in California (300 acres) and the other in New York (150 acres, about.) The animals at the farm have come from a variety of different situations; one piglet jumped off a transportation truck headed to slaughter; the first animal, a sheep named Hilda, was saved from a dead pile; authorities often utilize the sanctuary when there are animal abuse cases in town; or sometimes, animals are simply dropped off out front. In any case, the sanctuary provides a safe place for the animals to live out their lives. Kudos!!

If you are interested in visiting the sanctuary visit to get more information about their sanctuaries, philosiphies, animals, annual events, and campaigns.

P.S. Pictures from the sanctuary will be coming soon!


8 responses to “Trip to the Farm Sanctuary

  1. What a great way to spend a holiday…at a sanctuary! I’m sure the animals enjoyed your visit! 😉

  2. Did you see the SIZE of that hog on the front page of the farmsanctuary website? holymoly…

    I never knew about these two farms, thanks for posting about it, i’m a huge huge huge animal lover 🙂

  3. I highly recommend everyone visits a sanctuary at least once. It’s simply an amazing and eye-opening experience – even for those of us who already adore animals!

  4. detail your visit – how is it different? it would be a ‘fieldtrip’ for me to head out to either of these two. i don’t want to go to cry – tell me more 🙂

  5. It’s definitely not a tearjerking trip at all. Actually it’s really uplifting to see all these animals that are so well cared for. Lately I’ve gotten so caught up in the horrors of animal rights issues that I didn’t realize when I needed to come up for air. There is no pain or torture at the sancuary. Animals are respected and honestly loved. What’s more is that these are all farm animals – farm animals that would otherwise have been consumed long ago. But here they are, laying in the sun, splashing in the water, grazing in the feilds. They all have names and individual relationships with other animals and humans alike. This is a side of farm animals that we rarely get to see. Not to mention that unlike a petting zoo where the animals exist for our entertainment, the animals at the sancuary exist to live their own lives on their own terms. Some of the goats would start moving away if humans came too close and our tour guide asked us not to follow after them because it’s not what the goat wanted. You would never find that kind of respect at a zoo.

    I have pictures from the trip, but they are massive files and I’m in the process of figuring out how to post them. If you have any more questions, just ask. Oh, and it may be worthwhile for you to do a search online for other sanctuaries, maybe there is one closer to you. I believe there are a few in Washington and Oregon. Anyway, I’m really glad that you are interested!

  6. many thanks for your info, what an inspiration. any idea if they allow one to… bring a dog on a leash during a visit? just thought i’d ask. luv to find trips that 1. i want to go on and 2. he can go too. no worries if you’re unsure, i can always call when i plan. it’s been on my mind, going to this, and hoping i can bring him too. he’s a great pal (my little dog). i’m on the east coast, not far from washington dc.

    many thanks on your post!

  7. I don’t believe the sanctuary I went to can allow companion pets, but I’m sure it varries greatly between sanctuaries. Be sure to let me know how your visit is if you go!

  8. Trip to the Farm Sanctuary .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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