Addictions: Water, Sauce, and Method

Everyone has addictions, especially vegans (don’t lie to yourself, you know you do.) I figure it’s about time I share a few of mine:

Method products – hand soap, dish soap, laundry, mops, shower gels, “aroma rings” – They’ve got it all! And it’s all vegan, no animal testing or animal products. The sleek design of every little bottle is what has turned my love for Method into a full fledged addiction.

Smart Water – It’s just that. Smart. Water. Water with electrolytes. For someone like me with admittedly low electrolytes, it doesn’t get any smarter. Only thing is, I hate buying bottled water (what a waste of plastic) so I buy and reuse instead. Smart.

Pear Sauce – Perhaps my most dangerous of all addictions. They sell this stuff at Trader Joes right next to the apple sauce (as if apple sauce and pear sauce were even on the same level, ha! Apple sauce could never compare!)

Check ’em out.
And tell me…
What are your addictions?


One response to “Addictions: Water, Sauce, and Method

  1. Well, I have to admit you have gotten me started on pear sauce, and you’re right there is no comparison to apple sauce :)!

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