Spay-Neuter Bill on the Back Burner

As many of you know, a spay-neuter bill has been in the works in California for a while now. The bill would mandate all dogs and cats get sterilized by 6 months or pay a $500 fine. There were exeptions written into this legislation, such as show dogs, animals of poor health, etc. The goal of the bill is to cut down on companion animal reproduction and therefore ease the strain on shelters. I’ve heard that this peice of legislation prompted more public response (emails, calls, etc.) than any other in decades.

Yesterday, assemblyman Lloyd Levine who led the bill through congress tried to ammend it hoping to improve its chances of being voted into law. The ammendment he proposed would only require sterilization after an animal showed signs of violence. In the end, the ammendment was not added to the bill and the bill was shelved. Assemblyman Lloyd Levine plans to revisit the bill again next year.

I have to say that this outcome does not suprise me in the least. Most people have major issues with being told how to treat their property. However, the fact that this bill got as far as it did is a good sign, not good enough unfortunately, but good. Perhaps we will see a more compassionate outcome in a year.


One response to “Spay-Neuter Bill on the Back Burner

  1. Hi Jaime, since my lobbyist boss represents an organization that was very involved with that bill, I have a little knowledge. The original bill was not a really good bill, in that there were too many restrictions that didn’t consider the effects on a variety of issues, i.e. age of animal, $ penalty, categories of animals affected that needed to be exempt (service dogs, police dogs, breeders, etc). Some early amendments did take care of some of the concerns, but some the last minute amendments were thrown out there too late for consideration for this year, and the legislative committee had to hold the bill over until next year. I happen to have listened to the final hearing on this bill, and everyone there wanted some resolution, all love animals, wanted to see the problem solved, but couldn’t see the resolution coming about with this particular bill. There is also the big question as to whether this issue should be legislated on a state level or kept on the local government level. Hopefully, when it comes up again next year (and I’m sure it will), it will be in a more acceptable form for all those concerned.

    Sorry this was so long.:)


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