Playing Catch-Up

I’ve been gone for the past few day, but this should make up for it.

  • Brazilian fishermen illegally net and soffocate 83 dolphins, then proceed to laugh about it – caught on tape. Apperently, dolphin jaws, eyes, and penises are sold for good luck, fortune, and women. Yeah, every time I see a guy eating some ground dolphin penis I can’t help but throw myself at him.
  • After a recent flood in China, the country is being overrun by rats. Citizens have been poisoning the burdens, causing unknown harm to the soil and environment. The rat population has grown so extensive they are now being sold as food in live markets.
  • Check out this post with 62 uses for vinegar. Granted, not all 62 are veg friendly, but who knew vinegar could relieve jellyfish stings?
  • Corn crops and production will cause the largest dead zone ever in the Gulf of Mexico, estimated to reach 8,500 square miles.
  • “The National Park Service is cutting down hundreds of acres of trees on the Gettysburg Battlefield to restore historical accuracy.” Since when does accuracy mean destroying nature. Come on now, no one needs to see the exact battlefield that bad.
  • Attenborough’s long-beaked echidna was thought to be extinct untill a tribesman told researchers that he just ate one.
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