7 Gorillas in 7 Months

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, one national park has seen too much death in the last seven months. Four gorillas were found shot dead this week, following three gorilla murders in pervious months. MSNBC reports,

The four were members of a family group known as Rugendo, and the male served as a leader of that group, which the IGCP feared would now be compromised. “Before the killings the Rugendo group comprised 12 individuals,” the IGCP said. “Six are confirmed as safe, but two gorillas, a female and an infant, are missing.”

These gorillas are an endangered species. Barely 700 mountain gorillas roam in the wild, and none in captivity. It is believed that individual disagreements are leading to these meaningless deaths. The park is planning to provide 24 hour security. The gorillas will be burried inside the park.


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