Kangaroo Skin Ban

Adidas went to court challenging the 36 year ban on selling kangaroo skin in California so that they may be able to legally sell their shoes in the state. They argued that because fedral law no longer offers protection for these animals and therefore makes it legal to use their body parts, state law should take a back seat. The California Supreme Court up heald the ban. So, for now Adidas is illegally selling their shoes through retailers who either don’t know better or just don’t care.

But the biggest threat comes from Adidas lobbying congress. The Los Angeles Times indicates,

“The ban, however, could still be repealed by the state Legislature or struck down on other legal grounds as the case proceeds. The state Senate voted in May to end the ban on importing and selling kangaroo parts, and that bill is now in the Assembly. Since 2003, the first year the bill was introduced, Adidas America has spent $435,693 lobbying the Legislature, state filings show.”

I was first alerted to this through DawnWatch, and to read a tiny article on the subject check out Grist.


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