Where’s Jaime??

Hi everyone, and yes I am still here! I haven’t posted anything for almost a month now. As practically every person who identifies as an activist in any movement knows, burnout (in some form) is inevitable. I’ve found that over the summer I have spent most of my waking hours reading over animal rights blogs, books, news reports, and anything else I can get my hands on. Sometimes there are good stories to be found, heartwarming stories of compassion. But more often then not, harmful legislation is being passed, bastardly humans are doing evil things to animals, or some idiotic moron actually tries to convince us that humans are naturally better then animals.

What I’m saying is that I found I needed to step back from the movement for a little while and somehow try to restore my faith in humanity. Not to mention that with school starting up next week and a desperate job search in the works, I don’t have the time I did a while back to keep the Vegan Bug up to date.

So, with that, I will be back! Hopefully within the next week I will return to my regular blogging schedule!


2 responses to “Where’s Jaime??

  1. Go relax. Enjoy some good vegan cookies and recharge.

    It can be overwhleming. You need to stop away once in a while so that you can remain strong.


  2. I hope you’ve found your faith in humanity back.
    Really miss your posts…

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