About Jaime


I’m a vegan, actress, student, animal voicebox, amature stage manager, yogi, feminist, pear sauce groopie, activist, and health food fanatic. I reside in Northern California where I am pursuing a degree as a theatre major, while advocating and promoting vegetarian and vegan diets. Studying and reading up on animal-related issues and sustainability have become so important to me that I decided the only way for me to fully express my views on the subject was to begin a blog. So, here I am.

Most of my knowledge and opinions concerning animal rights and the institutions that thwart them are based on food and nutrition. This is partially because I have studied basic nutrition and found many flaws within the government standards therin. More importantly, though, is the fact that I love food almost as much as I love animals.


4 responses to “About Jaime

  1. Jaime, you rock my world. I am proud to say that you had a major hand in turning me Veggie. I’m so excited to read everything you have to say! Rock on, peace lover. The animals of the world send their love.

  2. Congrats on your new blog.

  3. Jaime – I may not be a veggie or a vegan (I won’t even mention what I do eat so as not to tarnish your blog!), but I certainly support your dedication to what you believe in, and I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    “Grandma” Val

  4. Horacio Degagne

    I always love the vegan diet because it is healthier and does not have so much fat in it. “,`’,

    Remember to look into this useful blog site

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