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Learn Something New Every Day: Hugo, Pelosi, and more

Now, I know that I’ve been doing a lot of linking posts lately, and by default not enough original posts. Well, rest assured, I am planning a series of Vegan Nutrition 101 posts. It’s basically going to be the absolute basics of what every vegan (or vegetarian…..or omni) should know. Anywho, these are a few things to keep your mind busy in the meantime.

  • While organics are on the rise we all still know how expensive they can be. SmartMoney’s Keli Grant has five ideas for finding cheaper organics. My personal favorite: Local farmers. Who would’a thunk?
  • The Farm Bill is up for vote this week, which Nancy Pelosi is “very proud” of. It would send millions to corn, cotton, and a few other major crops. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an expert on the subject, but that just doesn’t sound right. Muchless, something to be “very pround” of. Rep. Ron Kind has promised to ammend (or rather, correct) the bill. All ammendments must be submitted by the 24th, Tuesday.
  • A vegetarian restaurant in Brooklyn, Counter, is serving up fruity cocktails for dinner. As one customer said, “I drank my dinner a couple of times. I’m kind of proud of that… [made with] muddled cucumber. That’s a vegetable, right?” The cocktails are full of anioxidants, vegetable purees, and vitamins. And, supposedly, don’t leave you with a hangover. So, go ahead, drink up, just don’t lie to yourself; Cucumber is not a vegetable!
  • This makes me sick to my stomach. The sizzle of decaying flesh is just the frosting on the cake.
  • Another species saved from extinction! The El Segundo blue butterfly is alive an kicking in Southern California. The species was entered to the endangered species list in 1976.
  • Another reason to hate McDonalds. They have been attempting to change their image by cutting out the supersize menu and adding salads, fruit, etc. Their latest addition is the 42 oz “Hugo” drink. Full of regular soda, it contains 410 calories (the equivalent of a small meal.) Drink 5, and you’ve had your share of energy intake for the day. Am I the only one that is reminded of Hugo on Lost?
  • Castleberry Food is recalling it’s chili and dog food after finding the meat was contaminated with botulism. What? Humans are eating the same meat as their pets? Not much of a suprize, but at least they are spreading disease evenly throughout the animal kingdom.
  • Genetically modified rice has been on our shelves since 2001. Constmerist reports,

    Six years ago, Avenits Crop Science introduced Liberty Link, a transgenic rice strain resistant to Liberty, an Aventis weed killer. The Liberty Link experiment ended abruptly when StarLink – a transgenic corn strain made by Aventis that was approved only for use in animal feed, not for human consumption – was found in Kraft taco shells.

    In 2006 Liberty Link was found in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana in products such ar Budweiser and Uncle Ben’s. Up until this point the mutant rice was not approved by the FDA, but faced with the decision to recall massive amounts of rice, and rice containing products, they instead opted to approve it, without testing.

    Their reasoning? The mutant rice was similar to mutant corn and canola that hadn’t yet harmed American consumers.


July 4th Festivities – Food!

Though I was raised a meat-eater for the first 13 years of my life, I sometimes forget what a “crucial” part of life meat can be for some people. So, here I attempt to bridge the omni-herbi gap for the sake of celebration.

Tips to make a meal friendly to all:

– Options make everyone happy
Give your guests as many choices as possible. Go for the veggie dogs and the veggie burgers, but also throw a few unexpected twists in the mix. Include main dishes such as stuffed bell peppers with tempeh or tofu cutlets. This way meat eaters will have something recognizable to choose, but veggies who don’t want “junk food” will have some more healthful options as well.

– Never underestimate the power of the side dishes
People on special diets, people with dietary concerns, and picky eaters alike find hope in the sides. Between a traditional green salad, vegan potato or macaroni salad, and a fruit salad everyone will be able to find something meeting their standards.

– Check your booze, etc.
Try to picture a table set for a Fourth of July party without exessive amounts of drinks. For those old enough, be sure to double check that your alcohol is vegan. (Visit for a list of vegan booze.) But don’t forget the non-alcoholics as well. There’s nothing fun about water or soda. Mix it up with some special non-alcoholic mixes or punches.

Some recipes to check out:

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