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Fair Warning: Two random things that have practically nothing to do with veganism.

First, wrote up a summary of the YouTube/CNN Democratic Debate. You can also watch clips on Normally I’m not much for politics, but I sense a glimmer of hope for our country in the coming election. And there’s even a vegan running: Dennis Kucinich.

Second, who needs a mansion? Seriously. The past few trips back to my hometown, Sacramento, have left me somewhat furious towards humanity. Everywhere you go, massive multi-million dollar homes stand. Who needs that much? That much space? That much money? That much of anything? Those homes are completely wasteful and unsustainable. Imagine the amount of energy it takes to heat and cool such a large space. And you know that homes like this must be filled with every ammenety and technology available to man. Plus, consider the amount of material used to build such a house (or castle, as the case may be.)

Now, don’t think I’m anti-technology, anti-freedom, or God forbid, anti-money. But why must people exhibit their status so? Even if every mansion was “green,” it would still be wasting. Simply the fact that some people want so much space is a waste. Furthermore, these homeowners have become immersed in consumer culture and feel that they must prove their worth via exhibiting wealth. If people have enough money to build their own $4 million house, they should be using it in a more worthwhile, caring, compassionate, helpful, generous, (insert you own word here) way.

What actually convinced me to write up this little rant was this article on Treehugger. It shows that as homes have increased in size over the past few decades, the number of occupants has decreased. Also, some states are enacting laws to counteract “monster homes.”

If you live in, or want to live in, a monster home, you are embracing your constitutional right to property. Congrats. But if you are happy in a reasonable home, you are helping to sustain you community without endless, unnecessary ammeneties. Plus, people won’t drive by and make a joke about you compensating for something.