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Profit Dies in Heat

1,100 cattle have died in a northeast heat wave. When I hear this story, I immediately mourn the deaths and curse humanity. But, when reporters hear this story, they side with humanity and curse mother nature.

First of all, these cattle did not just die of heat and humidity. Had they been offered humane living conditions and environmental protection, they would have survived.

What I find most disturbing is the way in which animals are regrded as property.

Julie Walker, associate professor of Animal and Range Science at South Dakota State University [said], “Typically, we don’t see it in the range animals as much as those confined,” Walker said. “These, as I understand it, were close to finished,” she said, comparing that condition to the way heat and humidity might affect a human carrying additional weight.

And forget the fact that these are lives we are talking about, what about the money!

Braun said he didn’t have insurance coverage for loss of animals because of heat. Most are not covered for such a scenario, which means operators and cattle producers lost thousands of dollars this week.

So, here we have it. Who cares about the lives of these animals, it’s all about the profit.